Automobile Press Dies : 


    Stamping Dies

    Trimming Dies



                 CAST  IRON



                       (GGG 60  (FCD 600



                  CAST STEEL

                       ICD 1

                       ICD 5






Automobile Press Dies:

Stamping Dies

Trimming Dies


Process Tower Equipment

     Sodium carbonate is one of the most important industrial chemicals that is widely used in the production of other alkali products, sodium salts and. . . Is used. The reaction is carried out by passing a concentrated salt water from within two consecutive towers, which is raised in the first tower of ammonia bubbles and absorbed and dissolved by a brine solution. In the second tower, by injecting carbon dioxide gas, the bubbles of this gas pass through ammonia saline solution and sodium bicarbonate is obtained. The towers are located at a height of 30 meters from the surface of the earth and contain different parts, each part of which has a special function in the process of producing sodium carbonate, the entire process is carried out in the chamber of the cast iron, which should have a good corrosion resistance to the materials Alkaline. The company's manufacturing components include the entire carbonate production tower




Sheet, Piston and Cylinder for Extruded Aluminum Extrusions


    Extrusion is a plastic deformation process designed to produce high-strength semi-finished metal products of constant length (solid and hollow, symmetrical and non-symmetrical aluminum profiles and their alloys such as wire, belt, tube and bush) in large quantities and The surface is of high quality and dimensional accuracy. In this process, the billet flows through a smaller cross-section with force. The extrusion press is made up of two main front and rear parts, which are connected to each other by four mounting rods mounted on cast-iron plates. Hydraulic pressure is created by a heliolytic pump. Also, high-strength cast iron and cylinders and pistons are one of the components of the device, which causes the pressure and progression of the frame to be a steel rod that is connected to the main cylinder and The billet grade is GGG60, GGG40 and the steel grade used by GS52 and GS20Mn5.

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