Various Types Of Ingot Moulds GhaltakSazan co

 (The molds used in the Steel Manufacturing Industries)

Molds that are used in the Steel Manufacturing Industries were so-called Kookily. Casted bullion sizes and dimensional characteristics depended upon the Kookily shape and the inner surface dimensions.  Based on casted bullion tonnages in different kookily are varying 700 to 80,000 Kg in the Sepahan Ghaltaksazan Company. The different kookily types were named by their inner shapes, some samples are followed by different shapes and sizes



  • Weight: to 80,000 Kg

      Material: Ductile iron                    GGG50

    Ductile iron                     GGG40              

         Gray Cast Iron:                    GGL          

             Compression Graphite Cast Iron CG                      


Ingot Accessories

    To melt the inside of the Ingot Mould, accessories are often required, which include trumpet, base plate, stoel plate and food, depending on the type of assembly of Ingot Mould and their form of accessories. The melting required for the production of single-shot ingots by a runner or mooring (trumpet) and the main board (inserted into the base plate) into the main mold (Ingot Mould), to prevent the formation of contractile cavities above the ingot and also to consider the melting point Sufficient for shrinkage during freezing (feeding) is used. The accessories shown in the figure are numbered as follows


1-Nutrition      2- Ingot Mould

   3- Stool Plate   4- Base Plate

5- Trompet 

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