Quality Control of Processes and Products

In the GhaltakSazanSepahan company, all processes of product realization are controlled according to the instructions and Specification after the inspection process, the products are allowed to be released to the next stage of the creation.

After completing the manufacturing process, the components are inspected for quality control and its compliance with the contractual requirements is confirmed by internationals Tandards.


 Inspection & Testing

Ghaltaksazan performs all available modern inspections and tests for parts both in-process and finished by qualified inspectors in accordance with documented and qualified procedures.



Certification Report:(According Din En 10204 3.1 B)

Major inspections include:

Chemical, Mechanical and Micro-Graphic Checks

Visual Inspections and Dimensional Checks

Material Certificate

Heat Treatment Certificate

Non Destructive Examination Records

Dimensional Records


Ghaltak Sazan has acquired the most modern and highest quality facilities and equipment for these inspections and tests :

Magnetic Particle Test Equipment

-Ultrasonic Test Equipment

-Shore Hardness Tester

-Brinell Hardness Tester

-Rockwell Hardness Tester

-Micro Hardness Test Equipment

- Direct Reading  Emission Spectrometer

- Carbon-Sulfur Determinator (1ppm)

- Thermo lab Dilatometer



-Universal Sand Strength Test Equipment

- Universal Measuring Instrument

-Surface-Roughness Tester

-Thermo magnetic meter

-Geometrical Measuring Instrument

-Ferrit scope Measurement

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