Trash Dust  
GhaltakSazanSepahan Co., in line with its social responsibility in protecting the environment and in order to eliminate industrial pollutants, has used dust and smoke from the melt preparation process, rather than purchasing a drip irrigation system in Canada, in this equipment with regard to suction power Extremely easy to collect dust and smoke from melting furnaces. The equipment includes a dust and smoke collection system using canopy hoods and dust pipes, approximately 100 meters long, a spark arrester, an input collector to a filter box, a filter chamber with dimensions of 3.6 * 10 * 10 cubic meters, 616 bag filters Diameter 16 cm, length 3.7 m and 1160 m2 surface filtration, radial centrifugal fan type with 250 kw electromotor and 1400 rpm motor, screwdriver and rotary valve for evacuation of dust in the enclosure, 44 rows of jet pulses with pressure 6 to 8 atmospheres The separation of dust from the bags and finally the smoke with a diameter of 2 meters and a height of 18 meters.
The process started by collecting dust and smoke from the surface of the furnace and directing them through the pipes. After passing the spark gun into the damped compartment, the air was cleaned from the walls of the bags through the relative vacuum created in the chamber. And returns to the environment through fan and chimney. On the other hand, the dust is accumulated behind the bags, then periodically, by jet and compressed air blowing into bags, the dust is removed from the bags and collected in the lower part of the compartment. Then the resulting mist from the end The enclosure is flown out by Scrookanavir and Rotari Valo. Due to the above process, the pollutant emission reductions in the outlet of the chimney have been guaranteed within the permissible OHSAS standard.
Wastewater Treatment Plant  
This equipment with a capacity of 50 cubic meters of human wastewater per day is utilized by a factory-made metal waste sewer to meet environmental standards, and thus the water needed to irrigate the green space as well as the portion of the water used to cool the furnace towers. The melting process is provided by the company. The purification process involves chemical and biological purification and is carried out during the active sludge process and with suitable aeration and the creation of sufficient time for the treatment of raw sewage.  
Sand Transfer System  
 This equipment with a capacity of 600 tons and fully mechanized the sand entering the company in separate silos and then sent for consumption in different areas of the company, and thereby, by facilitating sandwiching into different parts of the casting departments, the creation of dust caused by the discharge of sand in In this system, after removing the sand in the happer by the PLC circuit and during several steps, the sand will direct the hopper into the defined silo. Based on the need for daily silos, a sand shot from below each of the 200 tonne silos Fed and prepared for consumption.  
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