Melting furnaces


- 3 induction melting furnaces of 18 tons with 4 bodies

- Induction melting furnace 13 tons with 1 body

- 6 melt induction melting furnace with 2 bodies

- 4 melt induction melting furnace with 2 bodies


Casting pits


- Cranes 60, 50 and 32 tons each one device.

- Crane 16 tons 3 devices.

- Crane 8 tons 2 units.

- Mixer 5 paints.

- Drying oven mold 2 units.

- Storage silos and sand casting shots.

Pit molding:







Moulding Facility

  • Moulding pits:22×7.5×(-5m)

• Continuous type sand mixer:12 tons/hr

  • Continuous type sand mixer: 3 tons/hr
  • Bach type sand mixer:2 tons@3
  • Bach type sand mixer:500 Kg@2

• Resin sand production line




Sponge Iron Transfer System

This system, with a charge capacity of 10 tons per hour, has the task of transferring and charging sponge iron into melting furnaces of 15 and 10 tons fully mechanized. The components of this system include Hooper, Feeder, Bottom Aviator, Triple Conveyor and Charging Channel, and it has the possibility of charging alternately in 4 stations.




Continuous Casting Machine

Continuous casting machine with roller coils with a radius of 6 meters and a capacity of 150 thousand tons per year, it is possible to produce various types of billet in different sizes and desired length. The products of this machine can be used in various types of construction steels of industrial steels, Carbon steels


Heat Operation Furnaces



  • Heat Operation Furnace, 5m x 5m x 8m dimensions, they have several ability to perform Annealing, Calcination, Quenching, Normalizing, detention, and Desalting Operations to maximum temperature at 1,100 0C and 100 tons weight.
  • Heat Operation Furnace, 10m x 6m x 5m dimensions, they have several ability to perform Annealing, Calcination, Quenching, Normalizing, detention, and Desalting Operations to maximum temperature at 1,100 0C and 200 tons weight.
  • Indirect Heat Operation gas-fuel Furnaces, 5.3m x 5.3m x 7m dimensions, with abilities to perform annealing and detention heat operations at maximum temperature 750 3 0C and 100 tons weight.
  • Gas-Electrical Heat Operation Furnaces, 2.5m x 2.5m x 5.8m dimensions, with ability to perform detention heat operation at maximum temperature 600 10 0C and 70 tons weight.



Pattern Making

 In the Pattern Making section, the experienced personnel of the company are able to build models with foam, fiberglass, sheet metal, cast aluminum and wood. The company has been using models such as CNC milling and other advanced Pattern Making equipment to make foam models.





Molding in the GHALTAK SAZAN Company was performed by a experienced team. Molding method types are used by their compositions as follows:.

    1- Silicate binder molding method

    2- Cement paste molding method

    3- Binder, acid and self-outs molding method

    4- Alkaline phenolic resin molding method

The most important components molding hauls are as follow:

□ Mechanized Roller 2 tons Mixers, 3 devices.

□ Roller 100 and 500 kg Mixers.

□ Continuous and two joints Mixer with 12 tons per hour capacity, 1 device

□ Continuous Mixer to core making.

□ 80 & 32 tons Cranes, 1 device of each type.

□ 16 tons Cranes, 3 devices.

□ 8 tons Cranes, 2 devices.

□ Paint making Mixers, 5 devices.

□ Mold Casting Dryer Furnaces, 2 device.

□ Storage silos and their transport chute for molding sands.

□ Molding Pit with 22m x 7.5m dimensions and 5m dept.

                                10m x 6.5m dimensions and 5m dept.


Smelting Furnaces

  • Induction Smelting Furnaces, 15 tons and 4 bodies.
  • Induction Smelting Furnaces, 10 tons and 1 body.
  • Induction Smelting Furnaces, 6 tons and 2 bodies.
  • Induction Smelting Furnaces, 4 tons and 2 bodies.



Melting pot


35 ton tank with dual-core foam and neutralizing gas nozzle mechanism 3

Patch 25 Ton Thin Thickness 3 pcs (Ductile Iron)

Types of small, tipped and curved pellets with a capacity of 2 to 16 tons











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